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Why not take your little one on a learning journey at our preschool in Belmont, MA? Choose Adventures Preschool Children’s Center! We have been offering child care and education to families throughout Middlesex County since 1977. With an experienced staff and caring educators, you can be sure that they will enjoy fun activities while developing essential emotional, developmental, and social skills.

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Early Education Center in Belmont, MA

School Policies

Parents are the principal influence in children’s lives. Adventures Preschool recognizes the importance of the child’s family and develops ways to work effectively with families. Parents are welcome visitors and are encouraged to be contributors to our program, whether as a volunteer on a field trip or visiting and helping the classroom!

Conferences are scheduled twice a year and as needed to discuss your child’s development. Parents of infants will have conferences scheduled quarterly. All parents will receive a written report at these times. Our program employs the services of other disciplines — medical, social services, psychological, and nutritional —through consultation and referral whenever necessary.

Technology in the Classroom

Adventures Preschool Children’s Center offers limited screen time to our children. We utilize three computers for learning programs and storytelling. These computers are in three preschool classrooms. Teachers all have tablets to communicate with parents throughout the day with pictures and text messages.

Have questions about our educational facility? Contact us at 617-484-2005 to schedule a tour today!

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